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Being Jazmine: The Invisible Series #3

Being Jazmine: The Invisible Series #3

Cecily Anne Paterson | Firewheel Press | 9780648805236

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Jazmine's deaf. And she's getting tired. Tired of having to try hard, tired of fitting in, tired of pretending to be like everyone else. When Jaz goes to deaf camp, a new world opens up to her. But when you leave one world and enter another, what happens to the people you leave behind?

Which world will Jaz live in? Can she keep a foot in both? How will she figure out the best way to be Jazmine?

Being Jazmine is the third book in Cecily Anne Paterson's Invisible series, featuring easy-to-love, hard-of-hearing teen Jazmine Crawford. Readers of upper middle grade and young YA will appreciate this realistic story of finding your tribe, and your world.

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