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Valdemar's Peas

Valdemar's Peas

Unknown Type | Walker Books | 9781776571956

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Valdemar's Peas is a cheeky, fresh and fun children's book that the whole family will enjoy. Peas? No way! Valdemar may be a little wolf, but he knows what he wants.

Valdemar swallows his fish fingers-one, two, three. Good! But then Dad says he has to eat his peas before he can have chocolate ice cream. Peas are so good for you and give you lovely long ears! But peas are green and round and pointless, thinks Valdemar, and he already has long ears. Little sister Lynn, on the other hand, eats pea after pea and soon she has an ice cream in her hand. Unfair! Until Valdemar gets an idea... He knows how to get the ice cream without eating even one little pea!

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