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Gallimaufry: A Galaxy Of Paintings & Poetry

Gallimaufry: A Galaxy Of Paintings & Poetry

David Hill, Dale Turner, Denis Kevans | Writelight Pty Ltd | 9780958193481

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Gallimaufry is a unique large format, quality coffee-table book documenting David Hill's lifelong journey as an artist. The book features almost 200 of his paintings spanning three decades, together with 90 poems by Denis Kevans (Australia's poet lorikeet), Dale Turner and other Blue Mountains poets.

Gallimaufry invites the reader to enjoy a serendipitous journey through a galaxy of paintings and poetry - opened at random at any page, one can discover a visual gem or a poetic pearl. Gallimaufry is is 23 x 30 cm, in full colour on heavy clay paper, totalling 192 pages.

David Robert Hill is a contemporary Australian expressionist painter. David is a graduate (1972) of the Julian Ashton School, Sydney.

Over a period of thirty-five years he has exhibited in Sydney, Brisbane and London. He is represented in corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas.

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