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Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha

Mark McCrindle | Hachette | 9780733646300

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From renowned social research experts Mark McCrindle and Ashley Fell come the insights and answers we need to help our switched-on, 21st-century kids thrive. Generation Alpha are the most globally connected generation of children ever. Covering those born between 2010 and 2024, these kids are living through an era of rapid change and a barrage of information - good, bad and fake. For parents, teachers and leaders of Generation Alpha looking for guidance on how to raise their children, worried if their kids are spending too much time on screens, concerned how global trends are impacting them and wondering how to prepare them for a world where they will live longer and work later, this is the book you need. McCrindle and Fell have interviewed thousands of children, parents, teachers, business leaders, marketers and health professionals to deliver parents and educators everything they need to know about Generation Alpha, the term Mark coined, including:

* Understanding and empowering this generation

* The significance of technology

* How to get education right for them

* The future of work

* Their consumer habits and their role as influencers

* Where and how this generation will live as adults

* The importance of mental and physical wellbeing

* What their future looks like

Through meticulous research and interviews, Generation Alpha shows us what we all need to know to help this group of children shape their future ... and ours.

Mark McCrindle is a social researcher and futurist who coined the term 'Generation Alpha'. He is internationally recognised as a leader in tracking emerging issues and researching social trends. As an award-winning social researcher Mark has appeared across many television networks and other media, including Sunrise, Today, ABC News 24, ACA and Today Tonight. He is a best-selling author, an influential thought leader, TEDx speaker and Principal of McCrindle Research. His advisory, communications and research company, McCrindle, count among its clients more than 100 of Australia's largest companies and leading international brands. Ashley Fell is a social researcher, TEDx speaker and Communications Director at McCrindle Research. As a trends analyst and media commentator, Ashley has a wealth of experience and brings robust, research-based content to her work.

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