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Walking Days: Exploring the Upper Grose Valley

Walking Days: Exploring the Upper Grose Valley

Michael Keats | Keats, Michael (Keats Holdings Pty Limited) | 9780646473192

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This text of 572 pages includes detailed maps and descriptions of 59 walks, the origin of place names, European history of the valley since it was first discovered, comprehensive notes on flora and fauna, climate, fires and floods, and much more. Six years of research has preceded this investigative and thorough work. Illustrated in full colour throughout, “The Upper Grose Valley - Bushwalkers Business” is a ‘must have’ volume for every walker who loves and walks in the Blue Mountains. A comprehensive index enables rapid retrieval of information about any person or locality connected with the Upper Grose Valley. Produced in A5 format, the book is compact enough for the backpack but is equally at home on the reference bookshelf as a planning tool.

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