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Beyond Icefall - Conflict in a New Australia

Beyond Icefall - Conflict in a New Australia

Guy Hallowes | Omne Publishing | 9780648148500

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Beyond Icefall is an exciting, well directed novel, based on the perceived consequences of Climate Change.David¬øs death leaves Tanya as leader of The Settlement, but she needs to shore up her position before other clans attack and undermine the group. Little help comes from serially unfaithful husband, Mark, or from brother-in-law Jonathan Bower, head of the remnants of the Australian Military, who would rather see Mark in charge.Initially the Military assist The Settlement overcome an attempted violent takeover of a neighbouring enclave, ruthlessly overcome with Tanya leading Settlement forces. They also reluctantly help defeat another rogue operation, in a very difficult and dangerous confrontation. To Tanya¬øs distress, the Military then refuse crucial help when the Vikings, the strongest challenging group, mount an attack on The Settlement, which almost succeeds.Tanya¬øs personal life improves when she meets Louis, head of another surviving group. Tanya eventually becomes aware of Jonathan¬øs machinations, who is hoping to get The Settlement under Military and, more importantly, his own control. Initiatives are developed, to thwart anything Jonathan and the Military are planning. Including salvaging and refurbishing an abandoned warship.These plans prove crucial in confronting the Military¬øs attempted takeover and result in Settlement forces being able to comprehensively out-think and out manoeuvre the opposition and establish civilian control over the Military operation.

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