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Finding Arthur

Finding Arthur

Adam Ardrey | Duckworth | 9780715650493

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The legend of King Arthur has been told and retold for centuries. As the king w ho united a nation, his is the story of England itself. But w hat if Arthur w asn't English at all? As w riter and activist Adam Ardrey discovered, the reason historians have had little success identifying the historical Arthur may be incredibly simple- he w asn't an Englishman at all. He w as from Scotland. Finding Arthur chronicles Ardrey's unlikely quest to uncover the secret of Scotland's greatest king and conqueror, w hich has been hiding in plain sight for centuries. His research began as a simple exploration of a notable Scottish clan, but quickly it became clear that many of the familiar symbols of Arthurian legend - the Round Table, the Sw ord in the Stone, the Lady of the Lake - are based on very real and still accessible places in the Scottish Highlands. Sure to be controversial, Finding Arthur rew rites the legend of Arthur for a new age.

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