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Beauty All Around

Beauty All Around

Catherine Grace | Ark House Press | 9780992345273

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'Beauty All Around' is about a gift - a very special gift that has been given to each one of us to help us through each day. It is found in creation; a spoken word; a written line; in families; friends; in our own personalities & talents and in everyday situations that cross our path. Beauty is waiting everywhere to be found, but in this dark disturbed world it is often lost in busyness; the abyss of war; hatred; sickness; offences; poverty; and crime. This homely little book of true stories of family life; poems; quotes; photos; artwork and design will bring beauty a little closer as the author shares from her heart just how healing & amazing beauty is. Through her faith & simple stories you will see a common thread - if you look ever so closely, Beauty is all Around just waiting to be found. 'So the fact is, we live in a fallen world, but the truth remains, there is still enough beauty to be found & it can appear in the most unlikely places.' C.G.

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