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Monster Club: Hunters for Hire

Monster Club: Hunters for Hire

Gavin Brown | Scholastic Australia | 9781338318517

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There is only one thing seventh graders Tommy Wainwright, Colleen 'Spike' Hernandez, and Karim Khalil want to do -- go on adventures and catch monsters! And in a world where monsters -- big and small -- roam, someone has to keep these creatures in check, right? Luckily, this is the iPhone era, and that means anyone can use the brand-new app, AppVenture ('It's like Uber for monster-slaying!'), to hire their very own adventurer to stop the beasts. So when Tommy, Spike, and Karim find a way to become registered 'Independent Adventure Contractors' for the new app, they couldn't be more thrilled. At first, being full-fledged adventurers is a blast. But when the trio embark on their second quest, they stumble upon a secret: It seems AppVenture has been releasing monsters into the wild in order to generate more business. Now the three friends find themselves on the run from a venture-backed startup that will do anything to make sure our heroes don't live to reveal the truth...

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