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Local Architecture - Building Place, Craft, and Community

Local Architecture - Building Place, Craft, and Community

Brian Mackay-Lyons | Princeton Architectural Press | 9781616891282

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The thirteenth edition of the legendary 'Ghost' workshop, run by architect and educator Brian MacKay-Lyons, was both a self-conscious look back at the event's history and a powerful look forward into the future of place-making, craft and community as central to the architectural process. The gathering featured many of those architects and historians who, by paying special attention to their projects' immediate physical and socio-cultural contexts, have given real value to an architecture that exists from, in, and for a specific place. Coming out of 'Ghost 13' this book captures much of the essence of the event's contemporary relevance. With projects and works from many of the discipline's leading voices, such as Glenn Murcutt, Juhani Pallasmaa, Kenneth Frampton, Rick Joy, Tom Kunding and Francis Kere, Local Architecture, is an essential read for everyone who knows that architecture rooted in its own particular place hasn't been a passing fad, but is instead essential for architecture's lasting success.

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