The Power of Discord

SKU: 9781922310477

The Power of Discord

SKU: 9781922310477
Author: Tronick, Ed | Publisher: Scribe Publications

Ed Tronick (Author)
Dr Ed Tronick is a developmental and clinical psychologist, and the co-founder of the Child Development Unit at Boston Children's Hospital and the Touchpoints program. He is a distinguished professor of psychology and director of the Infant-Parent Mental Health program at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and a research associate in newborn medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Claudia M. Gold (Author)
Dr Claudia M. Gold is a paediatrician and writer with a long-standing interest in addressing children's mental-health needs. She practised general and behavioural paediatrics for over 20 years, and currently specialises in infant-parent mental health. She is the author of Keeping Your Child in Mind, The Silenced Child, and The Developmental Science of Early Childhood.

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