Ten Things Girls Need Most

SKU: 9781925048841
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Ten Things Girls Need Most

SKU: 9781925048841
Author: Steve Biddulph | Publisher: Simon & Schuster


10 Things Girls Need Most is a dual gift. It provides the very best information we have about girls growing up today, alongside interactive tasks and self-exploration practices that will help you put this knowledge into practice. These interactive tasks are simple questions to get you thinking about your own life, your family and, of course, your daughter. This book grew out of years of online discussions with parents increasingly concerned about the health issues their daughters were facing, such as:

• feeling inadequate

• suffering long periods of deep unhappiness

• embarrassment about their developing bodies and appearance

• friendship struggles

• feeling alone in their struggles

• insecurity about their sexuality.

This is a whole new book on the life of girls and a reflection of the issues that parents want to explore in more depth. This information will help your daughter develop the necessary emotional strength and mental skills to keep her healthy throughout her entire life.

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