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Peter Boggs Transfigured Realities (Gift Edition)

Peter Boggs Transfigured Realities (Gift Edition)

Sasha Grishin | Schwartz Publishing | 9781925556292

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In an age when time is measured in nanoseconds and information is conveyed in sound bites, Peter Boggs's art may appear as strangely anachronistic with its emphasis on timelessness and distilled beauty. His art is a triumph of slow art. His paintings are generally quite small, exquisitely crafted, with their tonality and geometry beautifully resolved. In them, everything has been specially arranged and re-arranged to the point that any further change would be to the detriment of the whole. There is something that is very intimate about his art, even diaristic, secretive and seductive, but there is no explicit narrative. The paintings are not about something, there is no obvious storyline, but at the same time they are very meaningful, they denote emotional and spiritual realities and they do this through visual and not verbal means.

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