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Emma Kate | Emma Kate Publishing | 978064682403

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Emma Kate is a Melbourne-based writer who tries to see the magic in the ordinary. She believes that every period of your life holds something significant; even those transitional years of confusion and self-doubt. Her writing explores the various intricacies of human connection, love, loss, family, friendship, clarity and acceptance. Viewing the world through glossy eyes, focusing on any speck of sparkling dust that she can find, has enabled her to compile a collection of raw pieces that remind us of what we are capable of and what may await us, despite our circumstances.

Her goal is to create pieces that others can relate to and make a home within, as she has done with the words and poems she's read and loved.

She has won several poetry awards, including a “Highly Commended” Award (AATE 50 Word Fiction Competition, 2014), which has been published in the Golden Stories Anthology.

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