The Imagineer

SKU: 9780642279682
The Imagineer - 9780642279682 - Cheng, Christopher - National Library of Australia - The Little Lost Bookshop

The Imagineer

SKU: 9780642279682

Age range 3 to 6

Penny has a massive imagination. She loves to draw up plans, gather her tools and turn sketches and scribbles into new creations.

One day, she visits her grandpa’s house and is amazed at his gadgets and gizmos. He has a telephone hanging on his wall, an organ with bellows to pump and a contraption with a handle to churn homemade butter.

Then Penny discovers grandpa’s garage …

Christopher Cheng’s The Imagineer is a beautiful story about an inquisitive little girl whose imagination is sparked by the things around her. It also highlights the value in spending time with a grandparent and learning from their lived experience.

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