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The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear

The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear

Margrete Lamond; Heather Vallance (Illustrator) | Dirt Lane Press | 9780648023821

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A tale of cruelty, loyalty and love. Fox and Bear were true friends. They were close-as-can-be friends, through and through friends... except for one thing. Fox was quick and slick and sly, and Bear was dumber than a pile of rocks. But that's how it was. And it didn't matter. Then Fox stretched the string of friendship until it snapped and they weren't friends any more. The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear is the story of two friends who fall out with one another, and about what happens next. It is outrageous, passionate and poignant, and the bittersweet ending is as ambiguous as any friendship in real life. A mash-up of several Norwegian folk tales, The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear is told with wit and verve by Margrete Lamond, and the darkly brooding charcoal illustrations are by acclaimed artist Heather Vallance.

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