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Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude - The Bible Exposed

Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude - The Bible Exposed

Tom French | Indie | 9780648304104

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Ultimate fighting bears, a fat king who poops himself, zombies, donkey 'bits,' and a fart. These are not the things you'd expect to find in the Bible, but they're all there. If you thought the Bible was dull, think again. This is your chance to discover all parts of the Bible they don't teach in Sunday school - but probably should. Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude is a hilarious, Christ-centred, and somewhat inappropriate look at some of the least known and discussed parts of the Bible. It's ideal for anyone who thinks nudity, poop, and farts are funny. This book is sure to enthuse and encourage teenage readers who struggle to engage with the Bible.

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