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Claudette - 9780648450238 - Hélène Magisson - Red Paper Kite Publishing - The Little Lost Bookshop


SKU: 9780648450238

Age range 6 to 9

Loutka is a brilliant puppet maker. All of his creations work perfectly, just as he expects them to.

Except for Claudette. She is a rickety misfit who longs for freedom and adventure.

What can be done with such a puppet?

Loutka doesn't know.

So Claudette stays on the shelf. Until one incredible day…

With captivating illustrations and gentle words, Claudette takes the reader on a courageous and magical adventure beyond the clouds, discovering the power of beauty, possibility and self-worth along the way.

'A book infused with magic!' — Megan Daley, Children's Books Daily

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