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The Girl the Dog and the Writer in Lucerne (#3)

The Girl the Dog and the Writer in Lucerne (#3)

Katrina Nannestad | ABC Books | 9780733338199

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Freja and her mother, Clementine, are reunited at last. Tobias and Vivi are in love. And Lucerne, their new home, is a paradise of snowy alps, sapphire lakes, white swans and delicious Swiss chocolate! Everything seems perfect, until poor Lady P appears, bandaged from head to toe after a fall - or was it a push? Crimes break out across the city, all involving chocolate. Clementine doesn't seem her usual self. And still Freja has not solved the biggest mystery - who is Tobias Appleby? All will be revealed in the girl, the dog and the writer's final adventure by award-winning Australian author Katrina Nannestad.   PRAISE FOR THE GIRL, THE DOG AND THE WRITER SERIES   'sure to be treasured' - Children's Book Council of Australia's Reading Time   'Children from eight up will really warm to this funny, sad, happy book, and many adults will be charmed too' - The Book Bubble   'an absolute delight to read, with lots of charming and quirky characters ... The mini world that author Katrina Nannestad has created is every child's dream' - Better Reading 2018 Australian Book Industry Awards - Longlisted 2018 CBCA Book of the Year Awards - Notable

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