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A History of the World with the Women Put Back In

A History of the World with the Women Put Back In

Unknown Type | History Press | 9780750989091

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Not just another collection of short biographies, this book adds women’s stories to the wider context of global history. Our perception of history is formed by those who record it, and traditionally it has been told by men, for men, about the achievements of men. Women were often deemed less important, their letters destroyed, their stories ignored.

This book attempts to discover some of the missing pieces of the big puzzle of world history, by examining the sources and telling women’s stories alongside men’s. It’s a history of sexism and of the ideas and assumptions that allowed misogyny to become so entrenched worldwide. Looking at the rise and fall of religions and ideas about society and how to live, it asks ‘have we always been patriarchal?’, and if not where and when did it all start? Includes Empress Theodora, La Malinche, Cristine de Pizan, Olga of Kiev, Harriet Tubman and many, many more…

About the Authors

Kerstin Lucker, born in 1974, studied musicology, philosophy and Slavic studies and graduated in music theory. She works freelance as a translator, author and editor for various publishers and lives in Berlin.

Ute Daenschel was born in 1978 in Gottingen. She studied German literature and history and works as a freelance editor for various publishers and lives with her family in Berlin.

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