SKU: 9780751550726
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SKU: 9780751550726
Author: Jack Whyte | Publisher: Little Brown & Company
The first in the Legends of Camelot series.

A hero is born.

A sword will choose him.

A sorcerer will save him.

The Roman Empire is in ruins. On a tiny boat in the Irish sea float one man and a child, helpless after war has nearly destroyed their home, the colony Camelot.

That man is Merlyn Britannicus, cousin to the slain king Uther Pendragon. He would shed oceans of blood and sacrifice his life to defend the baby and royal heir: Arthur.

With Camelot ripped apart by warring lords and assailed by violent tribes, Merlyn must use everything in his power to protect Arthur and return him to the land in which he'll become a hero.

Discover the most authentic telling of the Arthurian legend ever written.
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