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Tomtes' Christmas Porridge

Tomtes' Christmas Porridge

Sven Nordqvist | Floris Books | 9780863158247

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'Tomtes, the Swedish version of elves or brownies, work hard all year to make sure that things go smoothly at a farm, and all Papa tomte wants is to be thanked on Christmas Eve with an offering of porridge. Knowing that the human family will forget and fearing the farm will suffer from her husband's slighted feelings, Mama tomte and her children take matters into their own hands. The detailed cartoon art has a warm and cosy look with walls tinged with yellow from the candlelight. Illustrations can take up whole pages and the tomtes themselves look traditionally elfish in their caps and clogs ... this offering will appeal to readers wanting the trappings of a classic Christmas folktale.' -- School Library Journal 'The perfect book to snuggle up together with and read aloud.' -- Creative Steps 'Illustrations to pore over with little ones, which will bring a warm glow to big ones too.' -- Armadillo

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