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Phoebe's Song

Phoebe's Song

Jorie Ryan | Musgrave & Elgara | 9780958178624

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These poems are wonderfully self-reflective with a sense of deep urgency. Overall there is a meditative poignancy as opposed to an emotional catharsis. What I found great pleasure in observing was the seasonal continuity of the natural world where ‘life’ has the appearance of defined cycles wherein the human experiences of cold fallow times, dry spells and an abundance of life and growth all find their designated place. This natural world is often used metaphorically and there is a reliance on its supposed permanence as an inspiration of faith that holds you to life whenever a crisis his. The reader is invited into this world. As a part of this grand landscape, you too, will experience these cycles and will survive them. – Kaye Separovic  

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