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The Giant Stairway (Pocket Pal)

The Giant Stairway (Pocket Pal)

Keith Painter | Mountain Mist | 9780975156230

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Katoomba, Blue Mountains One of the great man-made icons of the Blue Mountains has to be the breathtaking Giant Stairway. It is the best known of the tracks which link the clifftop with the valley below.   This Pocket Pal covers the Echo Point area, the Giant Stairway and the Dardanelles Pass which links the stairway to the Federal Pass.   The Giant Stairway and the Dardanelles Pass both belong to the same era of walking track construction although, due to lack of funds, the Giant Stairway was not completed until 17 years after the Pass was opened.    Perhaps you don’t want to climb up the Giant Stairway after going down? Just continue along Dardanelles and Federal Passes to the Scenic Railway and pay for your ride at the top!   The Giant Stairway Pocket Pal contains 28 pages, 9 historical photos and 5 maps which cover more than 2km of tracks.

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