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How to Borrow a Dog

How to Borrow a Dog

Trent Kirchner | Lightning Source | 9780987628213

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A mysterious, long-time menace to authorities, he sees the world very differently. Despised by some, idolised by others - his penchant for borrowing, enjoying and then returning expensive, exclusive items of pleasure in society has been well-documented. Then one day, he decides to borrow something very big and very famous, and becomes an international phenomenon. An outrageous thing. An international headline-making thing. A thing like billionaire gambler Maxie Burgess's famous superyacht, Ubetcha.

How to Borrow a Dog is a rich, modern fable full of humour and escapism that reflects on much of the world's enduring romance with materialism, how we live our lives and what we truly value.

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