The Australian Editing Handbook (3rd Edition)

SKU: 9781118635957
The Australian Editing Handbook (3rd Edition) - 9781118635957 - Elizabeth Flann, Beryl Hill, Lan Wang - John Wiley & Sons Inc - The Little Lost Bookshop

The Australian Editing Handbook (3rd Edition)

SKU: 9781118635957

The ultimate editing handbook, updated for the digital age

The Australian Editing Handbook has become an industry standard, recommended by the Society of Editors, and holds a prominent place on the shelves of writers, editors and students alike. Authors Elizabeth Flann, Beryl Hill and Lan Wang have assembled a comprehensive guide to every aspect of the editing process, from working with authors and receiving manuscripts, to editorial, production, printing and beyond.

The modern editor must go beyond editing and proofreading, and is often tasked with obtaining permissions, sourcing supplementary material and keeping the author on schedule and on budget. That means the editor is also the ultimate mediator of style and propriety for the piece, acting as gatekeeper between the author and the public. It's a substantial role, requiring the fundamental knowledge of several different fields to achieve effective results. A guide to managing each aspect of the job, The Australian Editing Handbook is an invaluable resource. The Third Edition includes updated information about the new challenges that editors face in the digital age, including:

  • Editing on-screen
  • Digital publishing
  • Handling ebooks
  • Print media versus online publications

The book includes two-colour printing to make editing marks easier to understand, and a wealth of charts and diagrams that simplify complex topics and serve as handy quick-checks that make this guide the ultimate desk reference. For professionals and students in the field of editing, writing, publishing or journalism, 

The Australian Editing Handbook, 3rd Edition is the industry's number-one resource.

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