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Thin Places

Thin Places

John Crossley Morgan | Wipf & Stock Publishers | 9781606081860

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When he was asked to summarize his philosophy, Plato reportedly said: "Practice dying," which seems a rather strange, even morbid, comment until one realizes that every life consists of passages, some smooth and some not. Within these passages are what John Morgan calls "thin places." On a trip to Wales, Morgan discovered that the term "thin places" is part of Celtic culture. Thin places are those places where the eternal and the temporal touch, if only for a brief glimpse; where you know that life is more than just the obvious. Thin places can be of great beauty, where life's meaning breaks through by the ocean or in the mountains; but thin places can also arise in the life of every person, whether with the birth of a child or the death of a family member. John Morgan believes that being fully awake to such times and places holds a clue to living more deeply and with greater wisdom about what's really important. His poems express this understanding.

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