A Wilder Magic

SKU: 9781728245737
A Wilder Magic - 9781728245737 - Brandt, Juliana - Sourcebooks Inc - The Little Lost Bookshop

A Wilder Magic

SKU: 9781728245737
Author: Brandt, Juliana | Publisher: Sourcebooks Inc

Age range 6 to 9

For generations, Sybaline's family has lived in a magical valley in the Appalachian mountains, helping the magic grow the land. But now the government has ordered them to relocate; their valley is needed to create a dam for electricity. In one week, their home will be flooded.

Sybaline can't imagine life without her home and without magic, so she stays. Using her magic she builds a wall, and as water floods the valley, it ends up covering her house anyway, leaving her living beneath the lake itself.

But there is a consequence to using magic in such a way, one that will transform both herself and the friends who end up trapped beneath the water with her.

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