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Detective Gordon: A Complicated Case

Detective Gordon: A Complicated Case

Unknown Type | Walker Books | 9781776570652

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A warm and funny story from Detective Gordon's forest about doing the right thing-and eating little cakes The detective lay in bed with his eyes closed. But he couldn't sleep. He was thinking. He always thought best in bed. Especially with his eyes closed. Something is going on in the forest: one of the animals is saying nasty things about the other forest creatures. But no one dares make a statement to the police. Who is the culprit? Detective Gordon and his assistant Buffy must investigate! But this is a complicated case. The two police officers split the workload: Buffy questions the suspects, while Gordon stays in bed to think. Once the investigation is over, Detective Gordon plans to go fishing and eat all the cakes he wants to. And maybe then Buffy will be appointed Police Chief! But that won't happen unless this case can be solved…

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