Into the Storyverse

SKU: 9781922340924
Into the Storyverse - 9781922340924 - George Johnston - Ocean Reeve Publishing Pty Ltd - The Little Lost Bookshop

Into the Storyverse

SKU: 9781922340924
Alan is wrenched from this life by suicide. Dusty, haunted by the loss of the man he thought he knew, must deal with his own regrets before accepting one final task for his friend. Every step takes Dusty further from the friend he remembers and closer to the man he is becoming. Dusty's outer and inner worlds collide as apathy and depression are challenged by empathy and compassion. Travelling with a backpack heavy with items he must deal with, Dusty must choose between the things that drag him down and the things that bring him life. What will he choose? What would you choose?
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Dennis Brennan
Worth a read

George Johnston invites us to walk alongside his rather solitary character Dusty as he journeys through and beyond what is perhaps the darkest yet most revealing event in his life. While Dusty is, himself, a rather gentle and sensitive man, he exposes his own reflections on so much that has shaped him and given him context for his life – and much of this is far from gentle.
In a rather unexpected mix of prose and poetry, the author skillfully leads us into the heart and mind of a fictional character who strangely resembles us, and who wrestles with much that has the capacity to derail our life-affirming story. While I started as a reader of the words, it was quickly apparent that I had mysteriously been transported into a story about me and the story my life is writing. The book is not long, but the invitations to reflection and discovery are frequent and soul-searching, with the result that something that could have been read in an evening, ended up being lived over several weeks. In fact, the work has the potential to light fires of insight and discovery that can purify the potential gold in each life that reads it.
Thanks George for providing this invitation into the Storyverse and for the poignant reminder of the truth that all of our lives are creating stories for those who will follow us.

Nik Mathews
Brilliantly Written!

Brilliantly written! The book draws you in from the opening line. If you allow - it not only presents an innovative style of writing with insight to the cravings and yearnings of a human soul navigating the often scarred landscape of a fractured world - the author invites the reader to journey alongside Dusty and face our own longings and desires, and examine our response to those around us: our own 'Alan's' and our own 'stranger in the park.'

Lovingly written and crafted with care. This book is well worth a read!

Bruce Warwick Pastor Churches of Christ
A unique book.

I pick up this book, I hear a mysterious and intriguing invitation, I visit familiar and strange places, doors open, at first slowly, but then more quickly. I travel to the other side of the world as I follow the path of a central character who in many ways resembles me. He, or is it me, is in a valley, then a mountain top. Poetry invites me to linger, reflect along the way, go deeper into my own pain, longing, questioning, and then into my very soul.

Karen Mork
A beautiful story of friendship and commitment

George I met you at Annie’s and bought your book, which I read almost right the way through over the weekend. It is a beautiful story of friendship and commitment. I too feel people’s stories are essential to connection and shared history. Thank you.

Mark Darling Psychologist
Something Unique

George Johnston has crafted something unique within the pages of ‘Into the Storyverse’. Be prepared to be taken on your own inner journey via the gentle rhythm of interwoven stories that find expression through fiction narrative and poetic verse. I found many evocative reminders of my childhood in the northern bayside suburbs of Brisbane as well as a very significant journey I took with my father through the landscapes of western Victoria many years ago. This book has layers and beneath the surface are themes of love, inclusion, forgiveness, self-care and the understanding that we each have a special story to tell. Perhaps most importantly, for me at least, is the reminder to leave behind the dualistic notions of ‘us’ and ‘them’ in order to expand into the mystical realm of the eternal present.

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