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Lunar Inheritance

Lunar Inheritance

Lachlan Brown | Giramondo Publishing | 9781925336382

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“a deep meditation on fractured origins and the process of remaking” – Eileen Chong “Brown’s postcards sing crisp Guangzhou mornings and hints of dry Australian sunsets” – Sam Wagan Watson A hoarding Chinese grandmother fills her home with objects, unable to distinguish between the value of things. Meanwhile, her Asian-Australian grandson travels to China for the first time, wary of the revelations that the trip might offer, as he tries to make sense of his own Chinese and Anglo-Australian background. In Guangzhou, Kaiping, Shanghai, and Beijing, amidst the incessant construction and consumption of twenty-first-century China, a shadowy heritage reveals and withholds itself, while the suburbs he knows from back home are threaded into the cities he visits, forming an intricately braided Chinese-Australian inheritance.

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