Aqua Spinach

SKU: 9781925336955
Aqua Spinach - 9781925336955 - Luke Beesley - Giramondo Publishing - The Little Lost Bookshop

Aqua Spinach

SKU: 9781925336955
Author: Luke Beesley | Publisher: Giramondo Publishing

Shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal 2019

Melbourne poet Luke Beesley's third collection with Giramondo.

Aqua Spinach rounds out a trilogy of books interested in the affinities between poetry and other media – visual arts, music, and particularly in this collection, cinema. The poems in Aqua Spinach blend observation, memory and anecdote, producing surrealistic imagery as they pivot and twist from image to image. They are infused with the atmosphere of surrealist cinema, mimicking the films’ focus on dreams, fragments and humour, while also speaking to the author's quotidian Melbourne milieu.

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