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Kind Man, Strong Man - Men Living Without Violence

Kind Man, Strong Man - Men Living Without Violence

Eric Hudson | Busybird Publishing | 9781925692273

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Is your behaviour affecting those around you? Are there times when you think your partner may be frightened of you? Does she walk on egg shells around you? Do you sometimes notice that your kids avoid you, don't want to be near you? Do you have ways to get your partner to do what you want? Through years as a professional counsellor, Eric Hudson has developed a deep understanding of the attitudes underlying men's violence toward their intimate female partners. Using a unique conversational style, he shares stories and strategies which help in rebuilding the respect, trust and sense of safety that are necessary to repair relationships. Dealing with raw issues such as the forms of control that constitute abuse, examining the underlying attitudes, facing the shame and where to find help, Kind Man Strong Man supports you on your way to making effective change. Kind Man, Strong Man is based on the idea that kindness and strength, the ability to face up to our actions, belong together to bring safety to those we love.

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