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Tim Wright | Puncher and Wattmann | 9781925780048

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This first full-length volume draws from poems written over roughly ten years: prose sequences, sonnets or thereabouts, parody-homages, a metro poem, psychical collaborations, and drawn from small-print chapbooks. Combining a condensed lyricism, collage, and durational procedures, the collection works its way through days and the everyday (near accidents, a working salad, the assumptions of architecture)...

The sense of fleeting glimpse, of provisionality, of actual sense-data taken in but not yet possessed, is terrific. Is it ‘lyric’? Well, yes — but with a stylistic affi liation to Projective & subsequent aesthetics. And no — in the sense that Wright does not seek that laurel or that identification.

'The feeling given is of a spacey self-awareness. So many lines in these poems seem acts of orientation, verifi cation of the subject’s placement, vis-à-vis sounds, views, examinations — of the sky, of overhead wires, a bird, sounds of a nearby train or traffic, changes in the weather. A space both actual and mental.' — Ken Bolton, Southerly

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