Crow College

SKU: 9781925818055
Crow College - 9781925818055 - Emma Lew - Giramondo Publishing - The Little Lost Bookshop

Crow College

SKU: 9781925818055
Author: Emma Lew | Publisher: Giramondo Publishing

Giramondo publishes in a single volume, for a new generation of poetry readers, a definitive selection of the timeless work of revered Melbourne poet Emma Lew.

The dark aura of Emma Lew's poetry has made her a compelling and mysterious presence for successive generations of Australian poets. Lew is highly regarded for the dramatic intensity of her poetry, which combines sudden shifts of voice and perspective with a heightened awareness of the moment. Her mastery of the ominous setting and the resonant line, and her command of poetic form — particularly the interior monologue, the pantoum and the villanelle — draw on a deep correspondence between the figure of the defiant woman, volatile, dangerous, ironic, and the dark forces of history and power. This selection brings together poems from her previous collections The Wild Reply, Anything the Landlord Touches and Luminous Alias, as well as twenty-three new poems not previously collected in book form.

'I found myself reading this book again and again, captivated by its beauty and music – not just captivated, but actively seduced.' — Judith Beveridge, ABR

'The fineness of Lew's ear is unfailing.' — Sydney Morning Herald

'Emma Lew’s work is an important touchstone...her poetry taught me about dramatic personae and the cinematic jump-cut, about creating atmosphere through absence as much as presence.' — Bella Li

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